BREAKING: CNN’s Jim Acosta Stops Historic Peace Signing To Shout Sick Question Towards Trump

CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta will never learn it seems.

It’s absolutely beyond any rational thought that I can come up with why he still has White House press credentials.

At the very least some of the other mainstream media outlets have the decency to not shout like lunatics. Acosta persistently interrupts Sarah Sanders and President Trump while he is in the room.  If they had a dictionary of sorts for different sayings and you went to “not the time or place” you would see a picture of Jim Acosta.

Yesterday’s North Korean peace summit was no exception. Acosta, in an act of almost unparalleled unprofessionalism shouted questions at President Trump while he was meeting with Kim Jong Un.

“Mr. President, did we agree to denuclearize?” Acosta shouted as Trump while he was signing a document. President Trump actually answered that one a few moments later and then Acosta had the nerve to shout yet another question at him. “Did you talk about Otto Warmbier, sir?” As if Acosta gives a flying crap about that poor kid.

His intention was to stir up trouble and make President Trump look bad. He failed big time. President Trump was the one who negotiated the release of Otto Warmbier who was imprisoned in North Korea for 18 months for allegedly stealing a poster off of a wall.

He was brought home after being drugged and tortured into a coma by the North Koreans. The young man passed away shortly after returning to his parents.

Acosta had also done this earlier in the day. He was some distance away from President Trump when he started yelling more questions. “Mr. President, how is the meeting going so far, sir? Any progress, Mr. President?” That time, he got the cold shoulder from the President, but he persisted, “Mr. Kim will you give up your nuclear weapons, sir?” Unbelievable – I’m not sure that Kim speaks English, although he went to western schools, so he may. He did not even acknowledge Acosta’s existence and I don’t blame him. Acosta really crossed the line this time.

North Koreans under the Hermit Kingdom’s control have been taught that Americans are evil barbarians that should be killed. This week, another CNN reporter asked a group of North Korean kids whether they wanted to shoot him and they of course replied, “Yes, yes!” I think many Americans can relate for different reasons. I mean it is CNN – idiocy is rampant over there.

Acosta’s outburst is possibly the worst and most unprofessional thing we have seen to date from a CNN reporter and that’s saying something. I wonder exactly what it will take to remove him from the White House press pool. Acosta didn’t just embarrass himself, he embarrassed his country and our President pulling these stunts. Americans on Twitter called Acosta “ruthless” and “disgraceful.”

Hours after Acosta’s horrid behavior, President Trump took questions from the media. He addressed the sad plight of Otto during this session and said that he did not d*e in vain. “He had a lot to do with us speaking today,” Trump added. And that is true… in some ways, this summit could not have happened without that tragic event and President Trump is still fighting for Otto and his memory.

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