BREAKING: Horrible ACID Attack On Americans In France

Outside of being in the military I don’t think I have ever traveled out of the country and I do not plan to. I wish I was talking about something a little more happy today but I don’t have any good news. Bad news, and why you always need to be careful overseas.

From Sky News: Four female American tourists have been attacked with acid in the French city of Marseille.

The women were sprayed with acid by a 41-year-old woman who has been detained by police, according to the Marseille prosecutor’s office. Two of the tourists, aged 20 and 21, received facial injuries and have been taken to hospital.

One has a possible eye injury, according to the prosecutor’s office. The two other tourists were hit in the legs, according to French media, and have been taken to hospital for shock.

Police once again are saying they don’t know if it’s terrorism. The police said they were not sure whether or not it was terror-related because the attacker didn’t shout anything terror-related.

But they were not ruling it out, they said they didn’t know if there were any terror links yet.

Because after all, it’s just ‘part and parcel of the big city’ to get hit with acid?

The women, all in their twenties were thought to be taking the train from Marseilles to Paris. They were attacked at the St. Charles train station in France.

France has been on high alert after dealing with multiple attacks. There were two terror attacks on Friday, with someone attacking two women with a hammer near Lyon and another man attacking a soldier in Paris.

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