A List Containing Deep State Workers EXPOSES These Criminals

These Deep State workers are the most corrupt, dishonest, and manipulative criminals who are in the government. Working to overthrow it.

The mainstream media has been in their corner the entire time. As it has become more and more obvious, the trust in the mainstream media has dwindled significantly. A big instance is them trying to prevent President Trump from coming in and governing the American people the way he intended and promised. Since the 2016 Presidential election, the “deep state” workers have used their power and positions to their advantage.

They apparently have been connected to several actions that have taken place recently. One example being the Mueller investigation. Using that to funnel their ultimate goal of re taking the government. This has gathered so much attention that Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolten called the deep state’s actions against the President the first actual Coup D’etat in United States History.


Who are these corrupted, manipulative criminals? Below is the list that has been put together by freespeechordeath:

Barrack Obama: This one is no surprise, really. His criminal activity has been coming into light recently. He has mostly managed to keep himself in the shadows for most of the stories that have broken. The corruption cannot be ignored, however, and his administration has been on the forefront of many. Is is everywhere from both the Executive and Judicial Branches of the government and the teams that they hired for both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice. This includes Eric Holder, the first and only AG to every be held in contempt by Congress.

Obama’s corruption was massive. His criminal acts were covered up and allowed to continue by the deep state. These include funneling money to Iran, abandoning the Americans in Benghazi, the whole Obamacare system, releasing the Taliban 5, doubling the national debt, and providing arms to ISIS. The list just does not end

Loretta Lynch : The second AG to serve under Obama. She saw to it that when Hilary Clinton’s email scandal was exposed that Hilary would walk away. This happened after the suspicious meeting she had with Bill Clinton on an Arizona tarmac. After President Trump was elected she released a video about it.

Robert Mueller: The infamous former FBI head is the very face of the deep state. He had failed to prosecute Hilary Clinton from when the emails were released. He never took himself off the special counsel during the entire Trump-Russia thing even with the conflicts of interest starting him in the face. His entire inner circle are corrupt liberals. He even did not hesitate to acquire, illegally, emails from President Trump that were protected under attorney client privilege.

James Comey – Mueller’s partner in crime and protégé led the FBI after Mueller’s departure.  He won a deep state award for best corrupt actor when he led the Clinton email investigation, treated it as a special case, and then let Hillary off with no charges.  His presentation for why she should be let go was a masterpiece and showed he may also be a bit of a lunatic.  He let Hillary go twice during the election in spite of obvious crimes to every American.

Andrew McCabe – FBI Head after Comey was fired by President Trump, McCabe is in the middle of the scheme to overthrow the government.  His wife ran for office in 2016 and her campaign received hundreds of thousands in Hillary related campaign donations at the same time McCabe was involved in the Hillary emails cover-up.  In spite of this, McCabe didn’t recuse himself from the Hillary investigation until a week before the election.  His name was on an email involved in drafting Comey’s exoneration of Clinton.  The distribution list is all deep state.


These people are all corrupt criminals of the Deep State. All of these people belong in

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