A Liberal Senator Said Something So Ignorant About Trump That CNN Actually Defended Trump

Every once in a while, even the town drunk says something that is completely and totally correct. Every so often, the village idiot will be able to warn the townsfolk of danger.

CNN gives MSNBC a run for their money every night in the competition to see who can be the most unhinged network on television. Sometimes, you can’t even really tell the difference between CNN and MSNBC.

During the 2016 election cycle, CNN was labeled the “Clinton News Network” by conservatives. Sadly, they’ve done nothing since the election to change that.

However, every once in awhile, they get it right. That’s exactly what happened when one of the most liberal senators around made an absolutely ridiculous claim about Trump and terrorism live on television. CNN actually pushed back believe it or not.

From The Daily Caller: “You said, ‘Many of us are worried about the rhetoric from the Trump administration because we worry that combined with the robust online recruitment it mind end up in an attack like this,’ talking about Manchester, ‘on the United States,’” CNN host Poppy Harlow said Wednesday, quoting Murphy.

“Are you saying that you believe the rhetoric of the president makes this country more vulnerable for a terrorist attack right now?” Harlow asked.

“I am saying that,” Murphy confirmed. John Berman pushed back on Murphy, asking why there will still so many terror attacks on the United States when Obama was president despite using “far different rhetoric.”

That’a great question John Berman! Way to go.

Here’s Murphy’s incoherent answer.


Well, they did their best.

Props to CNN for actually pushing back on a liberal.

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