A Heckler Showed Up At An Elizabeth Warren Rally And Absolutely SHUT HER DOWN (VIDEO)

Anyone that has seen a comedian have to deal with a heckler can tell you that the situation can go one of two ways.

Either you have a well equipped performer who is going to dispatch the heckler in quick fashion and make them look like a fool for even trying what they were trying.

And then you have those wonderful people go are more than happy to call a politician on their nonsense in their own backyard.

Since Elizabeth Warren has decided to run for President she has left herself wide open to be asked about and mocked for every dumb thing that she has ever said.

This being the case it’s a perfect time for someone to bring up the fact that she lied about being a Native American in order to get ahead.

A heckler at a rally for Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren yelled on Saturday “Why’d you lie?” when Warren started talking about her background and who she was.

The heckler wanted to know why Warren identified as a Native American. It was revealed in February by The Washington Post that Warren wrote “Native American” on her Texas bar exam.

Warren admitted, following a DNA test, that she’s not an actual tribal citizen, saying “tribes and only tribes determine citizenship.”

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