Illegal Immigrant Deported 20 Times Was Free to Commit Sexual Assault Thanks to Sanctuary State

Sanctuary cities and states are allowing illegal criminals stay in the US, making America less safe for Americans.

Sergio Jose Martinez, who has been deported 20 times from the United States, has pleaded guilty to 10 counts. Including sexual assault, kidnapping, sodomy, among others.

He is to serve 35 years in prison in Portland, Oregon, a sanctuary state.

On a warm night on July 24 in Portland, the 31 year old illegal alien crept through an open window of a 65 year old woman and forced her on the ground with a medal rod.

He then proceeded to sexually assault the poor woman then steal her purse and car to find other victims.

While the very car he stole was under police surveillance, he confronted another woman who got her head slammed into the ground by Martinez as she cried for help. When he tried to seal another car that failed to start, he was caught by the police.

He has been arrested before, but state law prohibits using state resources for Immigration enforcement, allowing him to be released and why Immigration was never informed.

During the trial, the brother of a victim spoke, telling Martinez, “Sergio, no sentencing is enough. I rather you rot in Hell.’

Another relative of a victim made a statement during the sentencing on Friday, during which Martinez showed no remorse.

With a ruthless smile, he wasted no time in trying to get the last word in on the victims. Telling them as he left the courtroom, “See all you guys in Hell.”

Martinez taking a plea was his way of avoiding a much longer sentence if he would have been convicted by a jury on all counts.

The defense attorney for Martinez claims that Martinez is a sufferer of mental illnesses. “often such people may do inappropriate things in these situations.” These claims are despite the fact Martinez was declared competent to stand trial.

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